We are
Café Internacional.

Let us tell you more about what we do.

We are a specialty coffee importer.

Café Internacional is a coffee importer that uses an online sourcing platform to sell coffee for our producer partners. We have origin programs in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, and Southeast Asia. We offer spot coffees to roasters in the United States and Europe. We offer forward coffees to roasters anywhere in the world.

We believe in direct trade relationships.

We focus most of our resources on connecting roasters and farmers. Café Internacional helps farmers and roasters develop partnerships by providing sourcing and logistics services. We provide samples, logistics, and payment solutions for roasters that want to buy coffee from farmers. We host roasters at origin to visit farms and meet with farmers, and we are always happy to facilitate communication between farmers and roasters. The end result is a more sustainable and profitable supply chain for everyone involved.

We host green coffee auctions online.

Café Internacional also hosts green coffee auctions for farmers and organizations. Auctions are carried out on our sourcing platform. Anyone with a business account can bid on auction lots. We host auctions throughout the year. If you are interested in an auction please contact us.



J. Francisco
U.S. Sales & Logistics

U.S.A (304) 741-9169
El Salvador (503) 2563-0512


Guadalupe Dimas
Farmer Outreach Coord.

El Salvador (503) 2563-0512


Friso Miguel Spoor
European Sales & Logistics

Netherlands (31) 61 7528670